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    G'day Snapper, I've thought 150 m tonnes now for a couple of months [posted it], but that is only down to Rock Hole bore, the southern half of the boundary has not been fully drilled yet but it would be reasonable to expect AT LEAST a similiar amount in that portion judging by the aerial of those fans streaming away from the supergene on top of the range, and then they need to drill the channels out at Abolone, etc.
    My guess today is this..
    I think he will announce a range of 125 to 175 million tonnes [backed by drilling and Scoping Study] for the north western half of the boundary with the likelyhood of 300 million tonnes plus when drilling is completed in the South eastern half of the boundary, I expect he will be conservative no matter what he announces.
    Of course the announcement will be made up of JORC prooved,JORC inferred and a conservative estimate for the soutern channels which are meandering under cover and impossible to accurately estimate.
    Just my estimates mate and not meant as a ramp [after all the stock is in halt LOL] but we should know later today maybe.
    One benefit with BRM that is overlooked by many, this area is unique, free digging and a large deposit all in one place giving huge plant and planning benefits.
    We should also get a Broker Presentation today IMHO which may give us some news on the rail at Cloud break.

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