Jamie Packer defends Jodhi split: "I was profoundl

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    Jamie Packer defends Jodhi split: "I was profoundly misled"
    > BONDI, Thursday: James Packer has released a statement denying
    > responsibility for the failure of his marriage to Jodhi Meares, saying he
    > was "profoundly misled" about the prospects of his high profile business
    > venture with the former swimsuit model.
    > "All the initial forecasts were very positive. Jodhi told me that she had
    > an ambitious business plan and I really believed that the partnership
    > could work", Mr Packer said.
    > Sources say that father Kerry Packer was skeptical about the merits of the
    > venture from the start and made his feelings known to his son.
    > But Packer Junior defended his proposal, telling his father to "look at
    > the figure".
    > James Packer now says he was deceived about the real state of the
    > marriage. "I didn't really follow the cashflow in the early days. I had no
    > idea that spending was out of control."
    > Packer says he only discovered the truth his relationship days before the
    > couple split. "When I found out the actual figures, I was shocked. I
    > considered injecting more money to try and stabilise the arrangement, but
    > by then the model was just no longer viable."
    > The separation is the second major failure Mr Packer has had to avoid
    > taking responsibility for in the last 12 months. Sources close to Mr
    > Packer say he is throwing himself into his work after the split,
    > describing his attitude as "damage control as usual".
    > Packer says he has learned a lot from his failures. "I'm starting to think
    > I shouldn't go into business with Jodees at all," he admitted.
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