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    Prisoner Hires Stripper for Culture Night

    1 hour, 48 minutes ago

    OSLO, Norway - Hoping to boost morale among his fellow inmates, a Norwegian prisoner secretly hired an exotic dancer to spice up the prison's monthly culture night.

    The woman got all her clothes off, to the cheers of the male inmates, before guards could react on Wednesday night at the Hof minimum security prison in southern Norway.

    "Everything had been agreed in advance with the inmates, who also had permission to invite the woman," warden Kjesti Solberg told the P4 radio network Thursday. "What we didn't know was that the hired dancer could do more than dance."

    Every month, the prisoners are allowed to have a culture night, usually organizing it themselves after the show is approved.

    Wednesday's show began tamely, with an inmate doing a standup comedy routine. As he left the stage, raunchy music filled the auditorium, and the woman started dancing and taking her clothes off.

    "By the end, she was completely naked," Solberg said, adding the woman danced on stage for a few minutes before guards hustled her off to the roar of the inmates' laughter.

    Even though Solberg seemed to be a good sport about the surprise, she said the inmate, who was not identified, would have to explain himself.
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