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    Welch believes American companies are on the threshold of much
    greater profits.

    "Everything's right :

    . Balance sheets are in better shape;
    . Interest rates are low;
    . The Iraq war is over;
    . There is no sign of inflation anywhere;
    . Companies are stronger;
    . And the dollar is weak. "

    What he doesn't know is whether Wall Street has got the timing

    He believes we are going to see more global takeover activity.

    Size and scale matter in a global economy.

    Those that don't generate value and have under valued assets
    will not be allowed to survive.

    And Welch says that's the way it should be.

    A company that is not winning does nothing for anyone.

    And a word about life style: Welch believes that those who
    want to trade their lifestyle against their career opportunities
    will continue to be employed, but are not likely to rise to
    high levels.
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