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IVR is heavily pegged to Spot Silver....Duuah Syadyppah, we know...

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    IVR is heavily pegged to Spot Silver....Duuah Syadyppah, we know that!

    But. My thoughts are thus:

    uy and large the broader Equities markets look like coming Under selling pressuer. You can make up your own minds I'm sure.

    Capitulation is near in the metals market as It looks to me. Silver could even go as low as $19 at the 0.618 Fib Level eek.png. Although I am betting on a Higher Low forming after a Bull Flag Breakout and current downtrend consolidation/retest.

    In General Silver is holding up extremely well though wouldn't we all say considering what Gold is Lamenting at us about the general equities markets.

    Gold peak to current date (low) -18%drop. Currently testing Fib 0.382 level
    Silver Aug peak to Sep/Nov pivot lows -28%drop. Dropped below the 0.382 Fib level but keep bouncing right back up. Currently Testing the Fib 0.286 level and unlikely to bounce higher in the real short term in my mind. My bias is to the downside in a Vicious sell off, short term.

    However. I think this may actually be Silvers most Bullish chart setup for the next run higher.....We all know it will run...Timelines are always skewed...The point being is that with silver holding up Extremley well compared to gold in terms of retracements when really, they should be about on par or worse for Silver....Then with my Bull thesis cap on, the move higher would be explosive....I mean. What Retail investor is going to actuall sell all the product we have taken off the market!!! What investor for that matter would sell ALL their silver once it Runs. Nooo Way!

    All I see Is Wave 1 complete. Wave 2 (current) BUT could also be in Wave 3????

    $70 has a nice look to it chart wise for Wave 3.

    So get that war chest ready. If it drops. We Win, in time.. If it pops, we win immediately.
    Either way. If your not bullish on Silver...WTF are you doing reading this. Go buy some bonds what.pngbiggrin.png.


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