ivn - mongolia & china

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    For those following the fortunes of IVN, I found this exerpt of interest.

    (I do not hold IVN, but I am starting to wish that I did):

    "Meanwhile, in Switzerland, a fabulously wealthy, and seriously misunderstood, commodities trader was seeking a stake in what could become one of the world's largest copper-gold mines, the Oyu Tolgoi project being developed in Mongolia by Canada's Ivanhoe Mines (CA:IVN: news, chart, profile).

    The trader's presence came at a Zurich gathering of ultra-rich fund managers. They were there to hear Ivanhoe Mines' Robert M. Friedland, along with guest speaker Faber, discuss how China's 25 percent and greater gains in net imports of raw materials is likely to boost copper, platinum, nickel and other metals prices for years to come."

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