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    Afternoon GB,
    Don't tell me people are actually waking up to HER's potential......stone the crows Mate, it's been a long time coming for some...and to get on board now they have to pay a premium.
    There aren't too many of us on HC that have been posting consistantly re the upside of this stock....but it looks like the faith placed in the stock is paying off, and BTW, I'm not selling.
    OzEq Chartist Warwick Grigor had Herald conservatively valued at 90 cents, purely on the Dairi project.
    Conservative is an adjective that sits well on HER Management's shoulders too, all their forward estimates are to the "low" side...nice to see IMHO....AND they are still cum Corona 1:2 entitlement at 1 cent per share 'til August 22nd. These are the same shares we are getting for 1 cent that Maq. Bank are paying 15 cents for, with the option to purchase beaucoup more at 20 cents.
    I'm not going to canvas all the pointers that I believe make this company so attractive, I've said it all ad-infinitum in past posts. Suffice to say, "I'm a believer", have been accumulating/holding for quite some time and have a lot tied up in this baby....and...most importantly "am happy holding".
    Good luck GB, JC & Robbo (if you got set).
    Cheers GB,
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