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Dont worry my friend, I've made a lot of money betting on US...

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    Dont worry my friend, I've made a lot of money betting on US elections, It's one of my best skill. Similarly I use mathematical models.

    The beta is less strong between FOD and DOW, agreed. Look up what the beta ratio is.

    THis week closing above 4.3 c is for me a sign that my system is right and my entry is confirmed.

    I see an event happen mid december. Bt I see mid december events on a lot of stocks, hence a global event is likely.

    I see 7c + within 3-6 months, so I expect volatility, not necessarily huge news, but a strong upward movement to start.

    Now it's likely sept 20 was the bottom.

    All lagging indicators are catching up, volumes will increase, and the run will start. Classic.

    The stand of careline did look good. The business only needs a few tweaks to get going.

    Very undervalued IF you believe it's turning around, valued fine IF you believe nothing will change anytime soon.

    Markets are always forward looking.

    And when trump does win, dont worry about me, I'll be a lot wealthier given the crazy odds misinformed people are giving me.

    You can also believe some of the best traders like michael burry saying there was fraud, or best statiticians and professors, saying many mathematically impossible events occured after all swing states elections got "paused". One event was 1 chance in 2 to the POWER OF 41452...

    It's a number you cant even type or name. Impossible.

    What will happen in the US may be so shocking that all markets react to it. Let's say it's revealed there was widespread fraud, and the tabulation software was used for that, and that software was used all over the world? What do market think of a rigged election?

    THis is FOD, but fod is a stock, and if a crazt move happens in the US, some of the time itll impact here,.

    It';s all connected.

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