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    "Today, approximately 400 cancer-targeted drugs are under consideration;many are designed to work with established toxic treatments. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America reports that 175 of the 375 biotechnical medicines in clinical trials are anticancer. The worldwide anticancer market is projected to be near $30 billion (US) by 2003, nearly double what it was in 1998".

    If Solbec could get 0.1% of the $30 billion (US) market, that is $30 million (US) in revenues per year. 0.1% is a ridiculously arbitrary figure (so is $30 billion for that matter as it would include alot more than simply the cost of prescribing and administering anti-cancer drugs), particularly when there is evidence that BEC is effective in-vitro against 100 different cancers, has shown to have no serious side-effects and has a similiar therapeutic index to Tamoxifen. I'd be interested to know if any drug tested, anywhere in the world, has been as effective in-vitro against as large a number of cancers as BEC.

    The advantage of investing now is making use of the market skepticism of a gold miner turned biotech. Granted I should be as skeptical, which I am, but when Solbec sheds any ties with the mining industry, improves credibility by gaining Orphan Drug Status or starting clinical trials, the market is bound to sit up and take notice (hopefully when these announcements start coming Solbec will have already cut ties with it's mining past). I find it hard to shake the possibility that the laboratory results might be concoted (because to all intents and purposes they are compelling), however, the laboartory tests/trials have been conducted by third parties and the latest tests, conducted in the United States. This has to eliminate deceit, surely. Once arrived at this conclusion then I make the following conclusion: If BEC can be seen under the microscope to invade the tumour cell causing the cell to rupture, then all things being equal, the same will happen inside a human body. This may require a leap of faith with no corrobatory evidence but there is evidence as a result of patients receiving BEC under the SAS. Then comments from Dr Nagourney stating that if the in-vitro results can be duplicated in-vivo, with the same concentrations, then Solbec have made a break-through.

    What am I missing ?
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