I've been away and come back to the new look hotco

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    i logged on for the first time ...and thought what has happened to hotcopper? I may not be the most adaptable person to change with my taurean nature always lurking within, but to me hotcopper has a rather chaotic and messy feel to it now. Before it had beautiful minamilism, clean lines, a search engine, and was visually and spiritually comforting that really made you feel part of something unique. This new layout seem somewhat reductionist, i feel a certain level of detachment with other members now, it has joined the homogenous archetypal chat room format that make it feel like all the others now and one has to wonder why. Of course i grant you this, there are some new features but one must ask themsleves at what cost have these features come at ? I know myself i feel like a different person today , a person who has lost something very close.

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