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    SLA is a pretty good case study of market dynamics IMO. Of course I believe in their potential and so does the market but what market and what contest?

    Perhaps it is similar to a beauty contest, where perhaps it isn't as important to believe whom you think is the most beautiful contestant, but perhaps what the judges believe to be the most attractive contestant. Perhaps we should be devoting our collective intelligence to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be?

    On HC, individual opinions are of mostly little value IMO - why? - Because they are so frequently wrong - especially at turning points in trends.

    On the other hand, the human traits of fear, hope, greed, ego and wishful thinking are so strong it is impossible to be objective.

    Therefore, if we rely stubbornly on our own opinion, perhaps we are likely to do so whether right or wrong. The defence of your own opinions is a strong urge with SLA.

    Therefore, I conclude that in the face of the unreliability of your own and also crowd opinions, why don't many of you make the strenuous effort to see the opposite side - to examine the facts and evidence and if warranted, act in the opposite way. It is hard to question.

    Why do you believe that the SLA market cap will be over $300,000,000 within 12 months and what comparisons are there in the market place that will back up your views?


    Why has the price decreased by so much since the infamous meeting in early September? Why did she settle back at 23c odd today? Who has bought recently and why? Who bought today? Why is there so much speculation?

    Why do you think many have been selling below 30c and why do some think she will be much higher on the 26th of November? Who is currently selling and why?

    My feeling is that on order to beat the market, it is foolish to to do just what other people are doing, because there are almost sure to be too many people doing the same thing. So perhaps SLA has been driven to extremes of over valuation or undervaluation? (LOL)

    Sometimes, it is the best during these times to do the opposite to everyone else. IMO, the more widely a view is accepted, the more likely it is wrong and that then we should all consider contrary views.

    Slayers, on line trading psychology is becoming more and more known and used by many sectors within the marketing and financial worlds:

    People tend to define themselves in terms of a group for similar people whith whom they form similar interests or relationships. SLA is a good example through the ongoing analogies. This tends to lead threads into ideas of "us" against the "others" which re-inforces the need to accept the group thinking patterns, or we lose our ID - a bit like a school playground.

    But I hear a few say...why bother? It is comfortable to be part of the crowd? Even if the crowd is wrong in the end, no-one can blame us - everyone was fooled alike? Eg. CVI

    Interesting eh?

    To those that are a little newish to the marketplace, as we move slowly through life we will see, hear and perhaps meet some of the great exponents of contrary thinking. These are alway people who demand evidence - they never accept anything on face value.

    Many contrarians "see" where things are going and set their targets on perhaps future trends rather than the total present or past.

    IMO, the crowd can be somtimes right ala SLA's upward trend pre early September. However it is always wrong at turning points - the very time it is important to be right.

    It is a developed habit to be contrary and not always a sign of intelligence, but experience, so when I say, it is time....perhaps some of you may now put me in some context.

    No-one picks the top and bottom.

    Try to find out what you don't know.

    A couple of shares have nearly doubled in recent days.

    Remember that.

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