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it's the nature of the stock!

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    Lots of people have recently expressed opinion on this stock and especially the quality of postings.A handful have
    used terms such as brainless,dumb,dribble to express their sentiment on posters SP views/predictions.Whilst i agree there has been a couple of "out there"predictions like making a call on a monday that sp would be up 4x higher by the end of week,to make a prediction of say $1 by end of next year to me is not wild,hogwash or dribble.
    Its the nature of this type of stock that does that.Simply put its a highly speculative stock and if u look at these
    types of stocks such as BCC,VIL,GGP,EGO,OBJ and many,many
    others u will find that the postings are similar.
    The reason is because it is these types of stocks that can
    get u a multi-bagger NOT telstra,woolworths or other defensive stocks.Investing in CTP is speculating and 99% of
    posts are only a natural normal reaction to this.If u buy a $20 lottery ticket u are hoping to become a millionaire
    overnight and thus u are speculating"what if" it happens.
    If u have invested in CTP for a 5%-10% profit,u have made a wrong choice.U should have invested in WOW,u won't get
    much excitement and I'm sure u will find their threads alot more conservative.I've invested in CTP for a minimum
    5 bagger and if u don't like it,i don't care.

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