Great stuff @1ronnie Agree with all your points regarding TNY....

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    Great stuff @1ronnie

    Agree with all your points regarding TNY. This is just the beginning of the story. I was chatting to someone on another forum and they really like the prospects and potential for expansion.

    e.g. they floated the idea of "a combination of Facebook and Amazon, all they need to do now it to have an Ebay style where parents can sell their second hand kids stuff on line through them."

    Sort of like Facebook Marketplace.

    I'm very confident this will return to the IPO price of $1 in the near future. When the company was first floated, it listed with a third of the users it has now, and a fraction of the revenue. Its market cap is a third of what it used to be, but the fundamentals have only gotten stronger!

    As you and I both know, the stocks that significantly re-rate are the ones that mostly go unnoticed (not the ones everyone is talking about).

    - Great management and positive well-liked brand that even Disney and Lego have signed on with (tick)
    - Tight register with management and shareholders aligned (tick)
    - Massive potential for growth in Europe, Asia and North America (tick)
    - Firsthand insights and engagement with the growing millennial parents demographic (tick)
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