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    And I forgot to mention altogether this important achievement for a young company.


    • LEGO Systems Inc will advertise their DUPLO products to families in the U.S. to toddlers/preschoolers;

    • This contract through calendar 2019, is the largest contract Tinybeans has signed to date and will have an immediate impact on revenues;

    • The advertising contract is the largest to date, surpassing the deal announced back in February1; and

    • Like traditional advertising campaigns, revenue will be CPM based. Payments related to the contract will be received monthly.

    Tinybeans CEO, Eddie Geller, said:

    “We’re thrilled to announce that Lego Systems Inc. will advertise its early childhood content and products on our U.S. platform. We’re so proud to partner with such an iconic brand, as it again proves the immense value of Tinybeans to brands in our space. Tinybeans’ smart and agile analytics will empower us to target and share the benefits of DUPLO products with the right families to help their child’s development and reinforce Tinybeans’ growing power as a trusted source of child-related product recommendations. Beyond the exciting partnership synergies, this contract will further drive to our goal of getting to cash flow positive through calendar year 2019.”
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