Audinate (AD8) latest 4C quarterly cashflow reflect a business...

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    Audinate (AD8) latest 4C quarterly cashflow reflect a business that is now going into positive operating cash flow with cash receipts for the quarter at $6.25m and operating cashflows of $6.04m for operating cash flow surplus of $0,21m and with R&D grant received during the quarter of $1.4m , total quarterly cash surplus was $1.6m. Not often do you see a smallcap running a surplus – in the quarters ahead, we are likely to see cashflows and profitability ramping up especially with the CEO’s sentiments as expressed below.

    Commenting on the performance of Audinate, CEO Lee Ellison said: “The business is tracking to plan, and we are pleased with Audinate’s performance and financial results. Audinate has historically delivered annual revenue growth in US Dollar terms of between 26% and 31%, and we see similar top-line growth being generated in FY19. Underpinning Audinate’s growth is the hard work of our dedicated team that has seen us deliver on all our key milestones across the business.”
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