If you had bought Promedicus (PME) exactly a year ago when it...

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    If you had bought Promedicus (PME) exactly a year ago when it was at $7.93, you would have more than doubled your investment (actually 2.2x ) - and PME went through the December bear period relatively well and surging since it ended. Who would have thought this once smallcap under the radar stock is now a circa $1.8billion stock and growing.

    I believe the right strategy would be to find the next PME amongst stocks that are still trading well under the billion dollar club that could one day make it to the billion dollar club. I think one key thing that stands out for me - the power of the company's IP (Intellectual Property). PME has that through its Visage that proved to win over competition from the majors in large healthcare institutions.

    A number of Opportunity Stocks have great IP that could power them into the billion dollar club in the year(s) ahead- POLYNOVO (PNV) (now $600m), AUDINATE (AD8) (now $424m), VOLPARA (VHT) (now $330m), they are global players with first unique demanded technologies. TITOMIC (TTT) ($350m) possess a great IP in TKF (Kinetic Fushion) 3D metal printing and is short of revenue validation to kickstart its progression.
    While DUBBER (DUB) ($180m) and ENVIROSUITE (EVS)  ($61m) are also companies commanding global market presence that can scale very quickly to enter the $300-500m market cap category in the years ahead.
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