Very positive news from ANO at the end of trading day would...

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    Very positive news from ANO at the end of trading day would probably set the stage for it to test its 52 week high in the days ahead. This is why I stated earlier that ANO is a good buy at or below $4 mark and yesterday's dip below $4 was such an opportunity even though it looks to be in a bit of a spot technically at that point.

    ANO has successfully installed its two new ovens, both ovens started production trials this week. ANO is on track to start full scale production by 1 May 2019, as previously announced. Despite a number of minor setbacks, the anticipated production capacity will be close to 30T per week and will exceed our current sales orders from July 2019, allowing customers to build up stocks from next year.
    ANO End Product Sales Revenue
    ANO is in the final stages of negotiations with a number of TGA & FDA approved contract manufacturers, to manufacture our ZinXation sunscreen. We anticipate these negotiations to be finalised by May 2019 and will place orders in the near future.
    ANO has received its first order of 120,000 tubes of its ZinXation 50 SPF sunscreen from a brand owner, who plans to sell the sunscreen through the Amazon platforms globally. We are also in negotiations with other brand owners to facilitate production of ZinXation based sunscreens.
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