Some great calls you've made recently Ronnie. Well done more...

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    Some great calls you've made recently Ronnie. Well done more than doubling the return of the XSO with your select stocks in just a couple of months - that ain't easy.

    I wouldn't mind a post from you on position sizing. I'd like to know how you balance your portfolio between your opportunity stocks, your lottery stocks, and your blue chips (which I'm not sure you hold or not? perhaps in a SMSF?). If you have time to explain the breakdown of your portfolio it would be much appreciated - its something I never learned properly.

    Other than that I have added EVS to my watchlist. Numbers look much better compared to peers, and has the potential to be what BUD could have been. I also have taken the trade on 4DS at 0.075, had a nice spike to 0.085 the next day or so but am holding out for more after further research. It's a lottery stock so have just a small parcel in this one. DUB has also been added to my watchlist - came across it a few months ago but didn't pull the trigger, but after a better look I may now have to pick up some shares.

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