Hi RonnieThankyou for your answer, I recognised your interest in...

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    Hi Ronnie

    Thankyou for your answer, I recognised your interest in the economics side of investing from your choices in your posts (charts, content, subject etc) and whilst I understand you may not trade at all and prefer longer term investing, (this has actually always been my strategy for investing too, longer term value investing and fundamental analysis) I could see your use of the bear ETFs. Basically I am looking to hedge and protect money I have made and wish to continue making without using the Bear ETFs because like yourself I dont like how their value is eroded by time, hence my interest in options more as a hedge.

    I have used zerohedge in the past and I think lately I have been so overwhelmed with the magnitude of information out there (although only some of it is reliable) that I forgot about Zero Hedge, so thankyou for bringing them back to my attention. I have come across Sven Henrich too on my journey but did not know how credible he was, so its good to know from a fellow investor that he warrants attention. I am familiar with ***** but again worry about conflict of interest and bias, my scepticism comes from 10 years working for Investment Banks and stockbrokers as a sell side analyst.

    I will start reading Zero Hedge again, I think to be a good investor sometimes its better to have never been tarnished by the professional investment world (I use the term professional loosely). I have joined the forum in the hope of finding independently minded people with a real interest in the markets and economy who are open to sharing their ideas and believe you to be one of them.
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