100m doses by end of 2021 , that is an 18 month wait and not...

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    100m doses by end of 2021 , that is an 18 month wait and not even enough to vaccine Australia and another one larger country.

    Meanwhile Mark Brayan sold $61m worth of Appen shares, and its charmain also sold $58m while Bell Potter says sell Altium.

    We are closer to the top than we want to acknowledge it, and as for the virus, guess social distancing will remain a norm for pretty much this and next year too , so can't expect a V recovery.

    CSL inks COVID-19 deal with University of Queensland

    Robert Guy AFR

    CSL has joined forces with the University of Queensland to accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
    The two have joined with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to work on the manufacture and distribution of a "molecular clamp" enabled vaccine candidate pioneered by University of Queensland researchers.

    While there are a number of milestones to be met before the vaccine can be considered successful, CSL anticipates that the production technology can be scaled to produce up to one hundred million doses towards the end of 2021.
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