Record Q4 with growth in Revenues and MAU Tinybeans Group...

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    Record Q4 with growth in Revenues and MAU

    Tinybeans Group Limited (ASX: TNY) (“Tinybeans” or “the Company”, the technology platform that connects parents with the most trusted tools and resources on the planet to help every family thrive, is pleased to share with the market, highlights from the record Q4 and FY19.

    • Q4 Highlights
    o Operational revenue hit a record $1.25M, up 26% on Q3;
    o Monthly Active Users (MAU) hit 1.23M, up 8% on Q3;
    o Advertising revenue reaching $1M, up 30% on Q3;
    o Premium revenue for Q4 was a record $210k, up 12% on Q3;
    o Premium retention grew to 81% in Q4, up from 76% on Q3;
    o Cash burn for Q4-FY19 came in at $480k, representing a 173% reduction of cash burn compared to the same period 12 months earlier;

    • FY19 Highlights
    o 12 month revenues increased by 120% on FY18 to $3.9M. This excludes $158k AUD taken up as “other revenue” from U.S. R&D;
    o Monthly Active Users (MAU) hit 1.23M, delivering growth of 31% on FY18, largely driven in Q4 by app updates and the new content platform;
    o Advertising revenue reaching $2.9M for FY19, up over 169% on FY18;
    o Premium revenue hit a record $738k for FY19, representing growth of 33% on FY18;
    o Registered Users hit 3.35M, representing growth of 34% on FY18;
    o 12 month user retention grew again to a record 76% from 74%;
    o Cash balance of $0.98M at June 30, however it was $1.05M at July 1; and
    o Expectation of turning operating cash flow positive during calendar 2019 affirmed
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