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    To be honest, the sell side looks just as bad as it did even before the last 2 Quarterlies.

    Some people are saying the market hasn't liked these 2 reports, but even before they came out someone has had the sell side loaded through the roof.
    The volume has been very minimal even after both of these Quarterlies, its just people who cant be bothered waiting, or are sick of someone holding down the price.
    Anything above 16c on the sell is just a joke.

    Forget about Cardiocel for the moment, that's just a waiting game now.

    Just sit back and wait for the surprise ANNs that will be coming out.

    IMO Full vaccine results could possibly be so good that they are waiting for the perfect moment to present them at a conference somewhere so that the world knows about it, including potential partners and investors. Perhaps even in the media..

    Then there's a new product that they are currently working on, theres a reason why costs are up. They need to set up the area to work on a new product, and then work there magic with it.

    Also starting of Ph2 HSV trials will be starting anytime now..


    We only had 21 Centres that were announced that were re-ordering Cardiocel up until October 31st.

    So between OCT 31st and Jan30, there has been 28 centres that have been announced to have come onboard. The last 4C was a reflection of the first centres who are now some what comfortable with Cardiocel.
    Wait until the next 28 centres are more familiar with the patch, that includes 4 Centres from Singapore also which only came onboard in November, and initial Canadian sales once that label issue is fixed.

    This current Quarter will be ok, maybe 2.5-2.6mil, but the following quarter could very well be 3-3.5mil. Also with a couple million in R&D rebate, and potentially any grants aswell. That could all add up to 5-6million, maybe a loss of barely 1mil? Who knows.
    We also should now have many thousands of patches ready to ship, which would have cost atleast a million bux last quarter.

    The guys at AHZ know exactly how high demand and uptake are, they don't make 5000 patches to sit there in the shed collecting dust.
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