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    Announcement regarding voting - make sure you all read very carefully.


    Don't be fooled into thinking they both are in support of the same person/s.

    Past directors and behind the scenes crooks trying to regain control via voting at the AGM. David Sanders is legal counsel for guess who??? - Grand Enterprises (heard that name before - they are the ones that have all but sold out of GPN / YRR and pushed both stocks to 52 week lows). Have a look at Brennan's salary - $52k in 11 weeks - that works out to an annualised salary of $250k - how could he possibly sleep at night knowing the fall in SP and damage done to shareholdrs pockets. You might want to ask Taylor what he paid for his stock.

    I'll be voting for Peter Rempta, Edward Saunders, Peter Benson, Terrence Quin and Tom Percy (The new crew). More credibility and the fact that the new directors hold little or no stock precludes them from previous crooked vends and above suspicion in my books.
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