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its not just about 3m

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    I think mak is right, while 3m taking up the patches would be fantastic for holders. I think this excert from the prospectus says it all.
    From dentistry to cosmetics industry and drug delivery.

    OBJ has held a series of discussions with selected international pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies with a view to engaging with the most suitable partners to further develop the selected product applications.

    Results of this work have generated interest from the international cosmetic sector and the Company is now in discussions with potential industry partners regarding evaluation and development programs across a range of applications.

    So while 3m would be nice there is a lot of others interested in the patch. I am sure 3m is well aware of the onlicensing aspect and the variety of uses this patch avails
    itself to. While the more I understand and see the variety of uses the patch has, the more I see its viability in the market place. But on the other side of the coin I do understand the risks but then it would not be around 3 cents if it was a sure thing!
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