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    Read this ann and see this is a co that will be a major player in the metering industry in the near future

    New Utiligy customer
    Intermoco Limited (Intermoco) is pleased to announce an agreement with a major National Real Estate
    Company with property assets under management of approximately $1 billion.

    Under the agreement, the company has endorsed the Intermoco Utiligy automated meter reading (AMR) solution for
    deployment throughout the buildings under its management.

    The initial contract will be for the installation of the Utiligy AMR solution to approximately 1,000
    meters in six medium and high-rise CBD buildings. Intermoco expects that the overall project will
    involve the deployment of over 3,000 meters and will increase the number of meters being read by
    the Utiligy solution to a total in excess of 7,000 by the end of the project.

    Projected revenue from the initial installation will be in excess of $400,000 and projected revenues
    over the life of the project are estimated to be in excess of $1,200,000 for hardware/software sales
    and $100,000 per annum in ongoing revenues.

    New market segment for domestic sales of Utiligy

    Intermoco has commenced the marketing of its innovative Utiligy solution into a new and important
    market segment. The Essential Services Commission of Victoria has recently confirmed that Bodies
    Corporate in Victoria are entitled to on-sell electricity to tenants of medium and high-rise commercial,
    industrial and residential buildings with embedded networks, subject to compliance with the terms of
    the General Exemption Order (GEO) issued by the Governor in Council dated 1 May 2002.
    Bodies Corporate provide a range of services to tenants which will now include the on-selling of
    electricity and telecommunications services. In Queensland for example, Bodies Corporate on the
    Gold Coast have been on-selling telecommunications and electricity services for some years.
    Intermoco’s Utiligy system now provides a cost effective solution for Victorian Bodies Corporate.
    This change provides Bodies Corporate in Victoria with a new revenue stream, which in turn will
    deliver benefits to landlords and tenants alike in the form of improved customer service, a range of
    more sophisticated services, as well as lower cost. Intermoco is excited at the prospect of participating
    in this significant development and is already in discussions with various State and National Bodies
    Corporate Associations with the view to marketing the benefits of Utiligy in the on-selling of
    electricity throughout Australia. Intermoco has briefed the local industry body representing Bodies
    Corporate and will address its annual state conference.
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