It is all the previous Government's fault

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    The LNP has been in power some 18 months and still the "interviewed" ministers, including Abbott and his inner sanctum Blame the previous Government for their own ineptitudes.

    Its about time some real responsibility was taken by the LNP so that Australia may truly see growth and financial security for its citizens..... Stop with "the blame game", LNP and start with open and transparent Government.

    Even Kevin Andrews, on the Submarine issue (just moments ago) was waffling on and NOT answering questions relevant to any future contracts - Talk about Gobbledegook speak by Mr Andrews. No one really knows what he was talking about with his new terminology for a "tender" process.... makes one wonder ---- what secret deals are being done to feather the pockets of "interested" Parties?...I wonder, wonder why, the stars are in the sky....
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