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    on this occasion you may be right. Time will tell.

    foolguy on the other hand posted

    "If the seppos announced free and fair elections within the next 6 months and military assistance if needed for the elected government, Iraq would settle down immediately. Not completely of course."

    Why do you present the above statement as a fact, when it is only your opinion fallguy?

    "The allies kept Saddam under control and off the Kurds back for 12 years just with occasional air strikes so don't tell me Iraq would become a bloodbath. It is a bloodbath."

    What bloodbath ? Nobody is calling Iraq a bloodbath now. Under Saddam it was pretty nasty though, and without the Americans there now it would probably become a real throat-slitting bloodbath.

    "The greatest error the seepos have made is proving that they cannot invade and control the middle east - Iraq has got them stuffed and tied up. Now the threat of US intervention is not so scary and the OPEC guys are forcing fuel prices up. It's a thumb in the eye of the US who have proven to be a paper tiger - at least on the ground."

    Idiot, the US has been controlling most of the middle east by directing oil money to a select few for years.

    "I won't waste my time with you again Dave except you seem to be getting wisdom - the hard way."

    Too funny for words.
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