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    Here is the partnership and bellow is how you get it (were are the good old days, i'll be making a fortune with a crap ann. like this) IPT SYSTEMS LIMITED 2002-07-03 ASX-SIGNAL-G

    HOMEX - Perth

    The Company is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary,
    Synergy Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd ("SYNERGY") has been
    accepted into the Microsoft(R) Certified Partner 2002 Program.

    The Microsoft(R) Certified Partner Program is a widely recognized,
    worldwide program for independent companies that provide
    Microsoft-based IT services and products to corporate, government and
    small to medium-sized business organizations.

    Partners encompass a broad range of technical expertise, including
    specialized disciplines such as e-commerce, networking, collaboration
    and more. Partners are one of Microsoft's most important resources in
    providing Microsoft solutions. SYNERGY has in common with Microsoft,
    a commitment to emerging technology and providing excellence in
    customer solutions.

    R Moir
    MANAGING DIRECTO Partner Program for ISVs

    The Microsoft Certified Partner Program is designed to embrace all Microsoft Partners, including independent software vendors (ISVs). Partnering through the program is just one way Microsoft can recognize the value of an ISV’s investment in developing software products for the Microsoft® Windows® XP and .NET platforms

    To learn more about the ISV details of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program, just click below:

    ISV Benefits
    ISV Requirements
    Gold Certification for ISVs
    FAQs (Access for Certified Partners only)

    ISV Benefits
    The Microsoft Certified Partner Program has been redesigned to address the needs ISVs have for robust products, market recognition, and business expertise. Benefits include:

    Early access to products and strategic information.
    Leading-edge insight directly from Microsoft gives ISVs the opportunity to stay ahead of the game in the fast-changing world of technology. The MSDN® Universal CD subscription has proven to be a widely used and effective tool for ISVs. Recognizing the need for more development tools, Microsoft offers Certified Partners five MSDN Universal Licenses per site. Each MSDN Universal CD contains all the .NET Enterprise Servers and Visual Studio® .NET development tools. All products on the MSDN Universal CD can be used in development and testing environments. Several strategic .NET server licenses can be used for development and testing and for internal use. In addition, the MSDN Universal CD contains all the beta versions of Microsoft products.

    Marketing tools to enhance your visibility and credibility.
    You can attract more customers and gain additional recognition by leveraging the Microsoft image and tapping into Microsoft market leadership. Your customers can access your product and company information from the Microsoft Certified Partner referral tool, which has been expanded to include a software product referral search engine specifically for ISV Partners and their products.

    Comprehensive support to build skills and keep technical resources handy.
    Volumes of training and support information and resources, updated monthly, will help you respond quickly to your customers needs.

    ISV Requirements
    What does it take to join?
    Because ISVs invest resources in their products, Microsoft invests equally in ISVs through the Certified Partner program. Microsoft has waived the requirement to have two Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) on staff for ISV enrollment, and redefined the ISV requirements to reflect the ISV business model. ISVs are eligible to join the Certified Partner program based solely on the merits of their software products.

    Microsoft Certified Partner status is the foundation of the Microsoft Certified Partner program. For ISVs to qualify, they must have a software product that successfully completes one of the following software tests:
    “Designed for Windows XP” logo test – This test is intended to promote product development practices that will ensure a good user experience with Microsoft Windows XP. This is a self-administered test run by the ISV with results submitted to Microsoft for auditing. ISVs can sign up for the “Designed for Windows XP” logo test at
    Windows 2000 Independently Verified Compatible – This test was developed by Microsoft to identify applications that run successfully on Windows 2000. The test defines the minimum requirements for applications to operate in a Windows 2000 environment. The test should take approximately one day to run and is administered through VeriTest. For the Windows 2000 Independently Verified Compatible test specification, please visit
    Designed for Pocket PC 2002 logo test – This test is intended to assure users of software compatibility with the Pocket PC. The Designed for Pocket PC 2002 logo indicates that a software product has full functionality, that the logo requirements are met, and that the product is not generating frequent faults or system crashes. The Pocket PC 2002 test is administered worldwide by two independent labs, QualityLogic and VeriTest. Test specifications can be found at and
    Technical Integration Testing for Commerce Server 2000 – This test was designed to ensure that applications are able to integrate smoothly with Commerce Server 2000. The test is administered through VeriTest and the specification can be found at
    Microsoft Gold Certified Partners: A Microsoft Certified Partner can qualify to become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Eligibility for ISVs is based on the successful completion of the current Certified for Windows 2000 test. The Certified for Windows 2000 test includes testing for software features that ensure a more robust and manageable solution, that are easier to use, and that work with the latest technologies. The following Windows 2000 Certification test specifications are available through VeriTest and can be found at

    Windows 2000 Professional
    Windows 2000 Server
    Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
    Get more information about the Gold Certified Partner Program for Software Products.

    How to Join
    ISVs can join the Microsoft Certified Partner Program by completing the following steps:

    To enroll for the Microsoft Certified Partner Member Level:
    1. For Windows XP software applications, simply take the self-test at

    2. For Windows 2000 Independently Verified Compatible and Commerce Server 2000 product tests, simply submit your product to VeriTest for independent testing at:

    3. Once your software application has successfully completed one of the above tests, you will be sent a product ID number.

    4. Using the product ID number, you can enroll in the Microsoft Certified Partner program by going to the Program Guide and Application page. Remember to complete the product profile to maximize customer referrals.

    5. ISVs can enroll multiple subsidiaries with a single product ID number. ISVs are limited to enrolling three U.S. subsidiaries and one subsidiary per country outside the United States under the same product ID number.

    6. If enrolling multiple subsidiaries under a single product ID number, the first site to enroll with the product ID number must complete the company and product profile for all sites.

    Click here to enroll for the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program for Software Products.
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