israel's slow slide into corruption

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    Israel more corrupt, third year running, says corruption index

    By Eynav Ben Yehuda

    Israel is becoming more and more corrupt for the third year running, according to the recently-released Corruption Perception Index.

    The international measure of corruption is published by Transparency International and is represented in Israel by the Shvil organization, whose offices are adjacent to the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv university.

    In the new list Israel is ranked 26th, a drop from its 21st place ranking last year. Two years ago Israel placed 18th, and in 2000, 16th. It further emerges that Israel's points dropped in the last two years from 7.3 to 6.4.

    The Palestinian Authority also showed a substantial increase in its level of corruption, and was ranked 108th, with 2.5 points, a drop from its 78th-place ranking last year.

    The list is headed by Finland with a score of only 9.7, and trailing Finland as the state with the lowest level of corruption are New Zealand, Denmark and Iceland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

    This year 146 countries were rated in the survey, up from 133 last year. It appears from the survey that 106 states received a rating lower than 5 and 60 states, a rating lower than 3.

    The most corrupt states are Bangladesh and Haiti with a score of 1.5.

    This is the 10th consecutive year the CPI index has been published. It rates countries according to the degree of corruption exhibited by their politicians and office holders. The ranking is prepared with the aid of research institutes and experts in different fields in every ranked country who continually track cases of bribery and corruption between business and the authorities.
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