israel's latest attack....

  1. Yak
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    For the record I think it was ill-conceived and an exercise in poor judgement.

    Having said that...2 things....

    1. This guy they were after is a dead-set lunatic who as early as the previous day had said he rejected Abbas, rejected the road-map and his organisation remained committed to the use of terror to rid "Palestine in its entirety of the invaders"

    The IDF has been after him for a long time and the window of opportunity presented itself and they took it.

    2. But isnt it interesting. Bush is now "troubled"and Abbas is screaming blue murder and all the skeptics are saying the peace process is "in tatters" becasue of this yet a day or so earlier...........

    "Just four days after Bush presided over a three-way Mideast peace summit in Jordan, Palestinian militant groups claimed joint responsibility for an attack Sunday on a northern Gaza checkpoint that left four Israeli soldiers dead"

    ....nary a mention. No outrage. No condemnation.


    No breast-beating or clenching of fists.

    No apocalyptic incantantions being spwewed forth by one and all

    Now, folks....why do you suppose that is??
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