Israeli / Palestinian issue

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    History lesson from Greenpastures;

    Abrahams children Isaac and Ishmael were born of different mothers. Abrahams wife had difficulties getting pregnant, so Abraham was encouraged to try surrogacy with one of the maids / servants. Which he impregnated sucessfully. The result was ishmael. Subsequent to Ishmaels birth, Isaac was born of Abrahams wife. Henceforth, the mother of Ishmael held scorn & a disliking for the mother of Isaac and for Isaac as it seesm the palistinaians had had and still do for the Jews.

    The jews genetic heritage is said to be from the line of Isaac. The Palistians genetic heritage is said to be from the line of Ishmael.

    The issue is historical going back a long way. I believe that the Palistinians are more at fault than the Jews on this issue. Now U know why the two "families" don;t seem to like each other.

    BTW, years ago I spent a lot of time trying to disprove/ prove the accuracy of the bible, and subsequently had entered into a spreadsheet all of the birth and death records from the good book by date from zero (day 1 of creation), which I might add is accurate.

    If anyone is interested, send an email to [email protected], Can't promise to answer immediately, as I have other more important matters to complete for the next week. But I do promise to respond with a spreadsheet, which I know I have and shall try to find.

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