israel, palies and the press!

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    This is a perfect example of how the press loves to demonise Israel.

    Tragic of course....but this article doesnt mention ONCE that the incursion into GAZA is a direct result of the Palis firing a rocket into Israel and killing TWO Israeli children.

    Not a mention

    Now why is that???

    Israeli fire 'kills children'
    From correspondents in Gaza City
    October 7, 2004

    TWO Palestinian children were killed by Israeli fire in the northern Gaza Strip refugee camp of Jabaliya today as troops pressed a huge eight-day-old incursion into the area, Palestinian medics said.

    The pair's bodies were ripped apart by a tank shell, the doctors said, adding that they could not immediately identify them.

    The deaths brought to 90 the number of Palestinians killed since Israeli armour first poured into the Gaza Strip on September 28.

    Five Israelis have also been killed in the territory during the incursion.
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