israel/palestinians.....not a war, huh....19 dead

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    Suicide bomber kills 19 at Israeli restaurant
    Police say female attacker detonated device after shooting security guard

    A Palestinian suicide bomber walked into a popular restaurant in the northern Israeli city of Haifa today, and detonated a device that killed at least 19 people including three children, one a baby just a few months old.

    Police say the attacker was a woman, who struck as families sat down for lunch on the Jewish sabbath at the crowded restaurant co-owned by Arabs and Jews.

    ''Suddenly we heard a tremendous explosion. We saw smoke pour out of the restaurant and the windows shattered,'' a witness, Navon Hai told Reuters. ''There wasn't much we could do. Families were dead around the tables, there were children without limbs.''

    Paramedics estimated that at least forty others were injured in the bombing, several of them seriously, reports Fox News.

    Police say the bomber was armed, shooting to death a security guard before entering the restaurant.

    Islamic Jihad has claimed repsonsibility for the attack. The group says the female bomber, 20, volunteered to carry out the attack to avenge the deaths of her brother and fiance at the hands of the Israeli army, according to Fox News.

    The attack follows an increase in tension this week after Israel decided to continue building a barrier with the West Bank which will cut deep into Palestinian territory.

    Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Ahmed Qurie condemned the blast and urged all Palestinian to stop attacks on civilians.

    ''Mr Qurie urged the Palestinian people and all its national and Islamic factions to practice self restraint and to fully halt these actions that target civilians and harm our legitimate and just national struggle,'' his office said in a statement.

    Jonathan Peled, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, demanded actions not words from the Palestinian Authority to crack down on terrorists who have killed hundreds of Israelis in suicide bombings during the uprising.

    ''That is too little and too late,'' he told Reuters. ''We have had enough of declarations and denunciations. We need action.''

    Saturday's bombing brought to 103 the number of suicide bombings in the past three years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. In the past, several bombers were stopped outside restaurants, cafes and shopping malls by security guards, either foiling attacks or limiting the casualties.
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