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    but i suppose anything is possible, belmores good friend hitler would have sacrificed all the worlds christians to kill all the jews, i have to wonder are the muslims any different, would iran really want to loose say all of its 110,000,000 citizens to kill all of israel 5,500,000 jews?

    They don't look at it from that perspective.....

    if they had it, they would have used it and worried about the consequences...later.

    That is the Arab mindset.

    It's only when they get a hiding....and sometimes it takes more than one....that the penny drops.....that there is going to be alot of pain.

    Take Egypt...Syria...for example.

    They've been whacked so hard in all the wars they've started.....that they don't want pain.....

    Iran unfortunately has not experienced pain.....a little when the war with Iraq was going on.....but I'm talking about real pain...where the country is totally disrupted.

    It's not even a question of killing 100,000 of them...or even 1,000,000. What will occur is that their infrastructure...their fabric of society will be whacked that hard....they'll wonder what the f**k this that.....

    I'm hoping that the smart ones over there are wary of the pandora box and what's in store for them, if they are stupid enough to venture even close to opening that box.

    But if they get too close to it....bearing in mind their publicly stated aims re Israel...(which has never had any problems with the Iranians prior to the mad mullahs taking over..that is), what is Israel supposed to do?

    Take the first strike and retaliate?

    No way.....

    We know that Iran funds terror and is the paymaster of Hizbollah and Hamas......

    Israel will take them for their word...Iran has said...and is on record ...."that Israel should be purged from the region"......which will leave the Israelis with no choice other than to do what it must......and at a time of its choosing....which is closer than most people think...that is if Iran keeps going along the track that it has.

    The point of no return might not be that far away.

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