israel gives us evidence of rantisi links to terro

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    Jun. 11, 2003
    Israel gives US evidence of Rantisi links to terrorism

    Israel passed intelligence information Tuesday night to the US government about the connection between Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi to terrorist activities and to attacks designed to stop the progress made in implementing the "road map."

    Israel released the information following Tuesday's failed assassination attempt in Gaza City against Rantisi. He escaped from his Jeep, which an Israeli Air Force helicopter hit with a missile, with minor injuries.

    Raanan Gissin, spokesman for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said that Rantisi has been involved in terrorist activities and was trying to bring the process begun at Aqaba to a halt.

    A senior army officer said that Israel would continue attacks on Hamas. He added that the security forces have received over 50 warnings of potential terrorist attacks by Hamas. These attacks, he noted, would be the organization's way of showing Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen who is effectively in control in the territories.

    The Palestinian Authority decried the attempted assassination of Rantisi, saying that it complicates their effort to reach a ceasefire agreement with Hamas and other militant groups. They also said it hurts chances for the U.S.-led "road map" to succeed.

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