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    Our times are getting more and more astounding. White is mixed with black; good is covered with evil; instead of a floor, there is a ceiling. What is this all about? It is all about the same thing: Mideast contradictions and its key gambler: Israel.

    Israel has repeatedly accused such Arab countries as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and others of supporting terrorist groups. Israel’s allegations were fair, and it is easy to understand this indignation. But what would you say if you found out that the Jews have also sinned? The smuggling of arms to the countries of the “axis of evil” has become very well-organized in Israel.

    Customs officials of the Hamburg port confirmed the detention of an Israeli vessel that was carrying smuggled goods to Iran. News agencies reported that the freight belonged to a private firm in Israel. The Israel Defense Department said that the ship was carrying spare parts for army vehicles. The department also informed that there was permission given and that Thailand was registered in the documents of the firm as the point of destination.

    The name of the ship, the owner of the freight, and the point of destination are not known exactly. Official information is contrary to that of media outlets. German authorities stated that the freight was meant for Iran. An Israeli TV company reported that the ship is called Zim Antwerp I; it was also added that the vessel had not arrived in Hamburg yet. The German division of the AP news agency reported that German authorities did not allow the ship to unload in Hamburg.

    German electronic media reported that the Hamburg police have stated that they do not have any information on the subject. On the other hand, the shipping service of Hamburg confirmed that there was a ship called Zim Antwerp I anchored in the containing area of the port. It was added that the ship belonged to an Israeli shipping company, although it was traveling under Panama’s flag.

    A fact is a stubborn thing to deal with, so, a little bit later, German officials confirmed the impounding of military equipment in Hamburg. This was reported by Hamburg customs official Gerhard Schulte.
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