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Isolated grid systems

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    Just starting anew thread for discussion on potential isolated grid systems and how Redflow could be a better fit than some other technologies. Any other isolated grids we know of?

    One of the other threads about the battery fire (lithium) whilst under test, included some pictures of Lord How Island. I too have been fortunate enough to visit, twice in fact. On second visit tried to get involved with the new energy system (nice tax dodge too) but it was all done and dusted but the planed win turbine as reported in the other thread was eliminated.

    Now one of problems at LHI was that the many solar installations were causing severe voltage regulation problems as at times the solar output was more that the system could handle and the diesel generator was the main load frequency controller and it was struggling, as a result solar panels on houses/motels was limited to a mere 1.2 kW from memory. The 500 kW/hr hour battery will be only sufficient to give time for the diesel to start and stabilise now, buffering the solar panels but it is far from what could be achieved.

    I think I have posted this before but another island generation scheme (King Island) has a similar set up., except it is predominantly wind (how did they get those ugly things through??) with 60 Kw solar and a diesel generator. As generation is often too much and the batteries are fully charged the excess is dumper through a resistor (what a waste) or into a energy recovery/stabilizing flywheel. Once again the batteries are really only to give time for the diesel to start. It not uncommon to see the diesel running, heaps of wind and the resistor dissipating energy brought about because of the inflexibility of switching the diesel on and off.

    Anyway I bring this up for those interested that may want to see the King Island system in operation, the site has an excellent dashboard that ne can view and make their own judgements on what can be done and the difficulties that must be overcome with renewable energy systems.

    For my view, even they both islands have batteries I believe Redflow because of its sound environmental credentials and the ability to containerise big systems would be ideal for these locations. I believe both island system use lead acid not lithium batteries. Of the two system I cannot see why king Island could not become completely renewable. They have installed a wave generator there as well, which doesn't show up on the system but man (person!!!) are these things expensive $ per kW installed. (I use kW as opposed to kW.hr as figures I haven't seen kW.hr per year figures)

    Anyway as I said I think I have posted this some time ago but if you want a view of a real world full grid that could potentially be 100% renewable have a look at the link.


    I have reposted the picture of LHI, if you get a chance to go climb Mt Gower (The first big peak) and/or take a boat trip out to Balls pyramid, you can see it at the back of the island and to the left, its a massive rock spire that appears to have just been stuck there, but is the core of an old volcano. Fishing out of this world as well!
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