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isl advantages over conventional mining

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    ..(Bearing in mind that BLR are looking to conventional mining in the first 5 years Not use ISL)
    \Based on report below it may cost them as much as $60/lb U308...that may not bode well on the scoping study front....Happy to hear others thoughts as this may be why the market is not convinced
    read below

    *** ISR Advantages****
    Low Capital Cost ¨C
    estimated $
    33.2 per lb of production vs $64
    per lb of production for hard rock mining (
    Source RBC Capital equity
    research October 22 2007)
    Lower operating costs compared to conventional projects
    average $15 per lb U3O8 vs
    $17.5 per lb U3O8 RBC Capital comparison of 5
    ISR and 4
    mining projects)

    Smaller work force required

    Minimal surface impact as extraction is via well©\

    No earthmoving

    No crushing requirement

    Lower capital and cash costs allows greater production from
    lower cut©\
    off grades
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