ISIS Declares War on Japan

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    Perhaps ISIS hoping that a Japanese response would in some way help to destabilise the West of China. But what if Japan moved with China on this front? A complete realignment of global interests is emerging from the civil wars on Syria and Iraq. Who would have though there could be political alignment between US conservatives, Iran and Maoist revolutionaries?

    ISIS is losing and gaining ground on multiple global fronts. It is shape shifting away from reliance on (expendable) foreign jihadists IMHO.

    As for the Abe Government ...... don’t expect any response to be immediate or direct, particularly as ISIS is losing territory in Iraq. Whether or not Abe sees himself as "the last Samurai" and responds accordingly only time will tell. Japan would like to finally unwedge itself being squeezed between US and Chinese interests IMHO and could use events such as the ISIS declaration to further that ambition.

    Iran is coming out of this as an early winner as it's interests align with those of the United States, Russia and China. As I see it the losers will be the Sunni Arabs of both Iran and Syria. I suspect that deals have been done to divide the oil and that the Sunnis won't get much of it.

    Also in the meantime there commentators suggesting that the Saudi King has dementia if not Alzheimer’s. I'm not sure about this but he has had at least one stroke so pinning the exact cause of his fragility isn't easy. If instability is detected under the veneer of it all markets will ......

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