isis attacks base where australians operate

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    has no one seen this???

    Islamic State: US officials deny reports militants attacked Iraqi base where Australians are operating
    AM By North America correspondent Michael Vincent
    Updated about 7 hours agoFri 13 Feb 2015, 10:08am

    PHOTO: The Ain Al Asad base is home to Australian special forces as well as other international personnel training Iraqi forces (Supplied: Defence Force)
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    MAP: Syrian Arab Republic
    US defence officials have denied reports that an Iraqi air base where Australians are operating was attacked by Islamic State (IS) overnight.
    IS militants tried to break into the Ain Al Asad air base in Anbar province after capturing most of the nearby town of Al Baghdadi, reports said.
    US defence department spokeswoman Commander Elissa Smith said there was "no direct attack on the Al Asad air base", although she said "there were reports of ineffective indirect fire in the vicinity of the base".
    Commander Smith confirmed there had been "heavy fighting in the Al Baghdadi area", about five kilometres away, and that "Anbar province has been under severe threat by [IS] since the beginning of last year and the situation remains contested".
    She directed questions about the status of the town to "the government of Iraq".
    The Ain Al Asad air base is a massive complex, and since last year it has been home to hundreds of Australian, United States and other forces training the Iraqi army's 7th Division.
    Over the past few months the base has been subjected to random and indiscriminate mortar fire, but nothing that has concerned the Pentagon.
    The town of Al Baghdadi now appears to be largely in the hands of IS.
    Reports said insurgents took control of most of the town, which has been besieged for months, after attacking it from two directions earlier in the day, and quoted an Iraqi official as saying 90 per cent of the district had fallen under the control of IS.
    It was not clear why IS decided to undertake this attack overnight.
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