ISIS a look by an expert

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    Allen West is the President of the American Centre for Policy Analysis and demands an all out response.

    Allen West - Stopping ISIS: bring back flamethrowers

    This man might do quite well in the White House.

    Flamethrowers and 3 other steps to stop ISIS

    Written by Allen West
    February 4, 2015

    This is one of those times when I just hate being right but we are at a critical inflection point when it comes to confronting ISIS. Here we are living in the 21st century dealing with a 7th century ideological enemy and most “leaders” are running around afraid to define this enemy as to whom it is.

    Let us remember that ISIS is the rising deadly phoenix of a reconstituted al-Qaida in Iraq — which had been defeated. However, when you base national security on empty campaign promises and intransigent ideology combined with cowardly rhetoric, this is the end result.

    No, I will not sugar coat this. A year ago, ISIS was referred to as a “jayvee” team by a president who barely attended 47 percent of his intelligence briefings — quite a different statistic from hitting the golf course. A year ago ISIS had barely 3,000 fighters, today it commands vast swaths of territory and has a global recruitment network.

    Yesterday we were once again we reminded of the savage barbarism and brutality of ISIS when it burned the Jordanian pilot alive. And according to reports, this occurred back in January, meaning their hostage exchange negotiations for a female suicide bomber were never in good faith. Today at dawn, Jordan executed the female suicide bomber and all ISIS combatants they held.

    The question is, will the United States be a global leader to eradicate this evil from existence?

    1. The first step must be to isolate ISIS by interdicting the flow of men, materiel, and financial support. Follow the money and cut it off, and employ sanctions against any state that is lending support to ISIS or allowing recruits to traverse through their territory. On that point, I can think of Turkey and the Islamist President Erdogan.

    1. We then need to stop the Islamapologist posturing and define this enemy for what it is: an Islamic terrorist organization practicing militant Islam. We must develop a targeted information operation that defeats their propaganda and demonize them using all available media means.

    ISIS sent a clear message to other Muslims who would take up the fight against them. The death by burning means the Jordanian pilot cannot rise to “paradise” and that he was cast into the fires of hell. This was a deliberate act of propaganda in the mode of execution or this Muslim man, and we must comprehend that in order to win the information operation war.

    1. It is not only about containing ISIS, but we must cordon it off, effectively sealing ISIS in order to begin the most important phase: defeat. Notice I did not say destroy, because that means every single fighter is killed — not a bad idea, but probably not an achievable goal. What needs to happen is that ISIS is rendered ineffective to pursue any goals or objectives. It means that wherever the black flag flies, someone dies. And let me be very clear, this is not about restocking GITMO so the progressive socialist “coexist” crowd will rally for their release.

    1. Now I’m about to say something I’m quite sure will make headlines and be repeated but it has to be said. The leftist media progressive socialists with deflated balls will scream and go apoplectic but this is not the time to care.

    Understanding the ideology of the enemy, we need to bring back flamethrowers. We don’t need to go into buildings occupied by ISIS fighters. Once they’re cornered, just burn them out. We don’t need to expose our brave warriors in some foolish game of fairness to the enemy. Just as in World War II with an enemy who refused to surrender and regarded death more than life, we need to employ the tools of warfare that precludes unnecessary death and maiming to our troops.

    The ISIS fighters and Islamic terrorists don’t deserve a place in “paradise.”

    Now, this is all easy to say, but do I expect any of this to occur? Absolutely not.

    You see, the difference between having a community organizer as a president and what Israel and Jordan have is a world of difference.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is a former IDF airborne commando. King Abdullah of Jordan is an American-trained Special Forces officer. These are warrior leaders. We in America have Kumbaya Ken doll — I know, I am the President/CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis and I’m not supposed to say this stuff. Phooey!!! I am a warrior.

    The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admitted in a hearing today that Obama did not consult his agency before releasing the five senior Taliban leaders.

    When America, when are we going to stand up to this evil? How many videos are we going to have to endure? Yesterday we reported that ISIS holds an American woman hostage. What will it take?

    Is this man’s story true? Who can say, but the threats in it are chilling.

    Shall Obama finally admit who and what this enemy is? Has he finally come to a realization that he was wrong a year ago and now many have paid the price for his dismissive attitude? Let’s not forget the golf outing after the beheading of an American.

    ISIS can no longer be marginalized and if just for one moment Obama could find the same anger as he does for his political opposition, maybe he could live up to his responsibility as Commander-in-Chief.

    My friends, THIS is the most important story of our times. We are living in a world where we are accepting evil. Trust me, if we had a leader who was clear in issuing guidance and intent, if we had a leader who unleashed the killing power of the American military without the restrictive and insidious Rules of Engagement — the enemy would run.

    Let me remind you of the words of my friend retired Marine 1st Sgt Jim Reifinger: “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its all because your tactics suck.”

    ISIS sent a message not just to the Muslim world, but to the entire world yesterday with the release of the heinous burning video of the Jordanian pilot. They are beneath the level of animals. They are mad dogs. And down south there is only one way to deal with a rabid dog.

    You put it down!
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