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isf valuation taking out nhs

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    Hello all - ISF newbie here

    With some spare time over the holiday break I've been putting a lot of energy into finding a nice medium-long term growth stock, not far of paying a dividend.

    After a 5 minute whizz ISF seems to meet that criteria.

    I've spent quite a bit of time getting into the nitty gritty of ISF and the industry, and still like what I see. However don't see the point in making an entry until this UK NHS decision has been made. Has anyone quantified this decision? I still don't know the environment well enough to try and quantify how much of this lost revenue they could retain from a direct approach to individual hospitals. ISF's brand seems well established in the region with 65%+ of this revenue coming from here.. Has any one taken a conservative stab at this?

    I'm amazed the SP didnt really away following this news, or I'm not just taking it in right. I kind of get the feeling investors feel this loss maybe offset with similar new contracts in the USA pretty soon.

    Still, ISF is an interesting one.
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