A business I sold had an employee that did his back and claimed...

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    A business I sold had an employee that did his back and claimed workers comp for 18 months. The guy split with his girlfriend she let the business know he did it on the weekend riding motor bikes and signed a stat dec. It smashed the WC premiums.

    Past November employed causals for a short term job, all qualified guys, paid them near double going rate and a couple of them still did work to a dangerous standard, cost me quite a bit of time to fix, plus loss of future work and reputation. 2 guys out of 7 couldn't be bothered to do a job properly they were getting paid over the numbers for, for the sake of 5 minutes and no extra effort.

    Now we have gone back to HD mechanics and fitters getting stupid rates, with no warranty on work, operator smashing equipment without even an apology.

    now we are going to get attacked by Labour for effort, shouldn't need to have tax and employment law as a hobby so you don't get ripped off paying for losers.


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