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    Me too, I refuse now to employ anybody and have backed off my business so I don't need to. I knock business back to keep the thing manageable.

    My reason for not employing is not necessarily the wages, but the conditions forced on an employer. If a small business employs a casual after a year that casual can request to be employed full time.

    The other reason is that employees today are fickle, and are very prepared to take an employer to Court for what ever reason takes their fancy. I am not going to purchase a Management Liability policy just so I can employ someone for a couple of days a week!

    Lawyers and Solicitors are always trawling for opportunity by advertising the "No Win No Fee" mantra, encouraging employees to take their employer's to Court for anything they think "unfair".

    The biggest area of claims made now under SME Management Liability policies is within Employee Relations. Employers are regularly accused of harassment or discrimination when there is none.

    A case in point...seriously...an employer of around 20 people, had an employee at Reception who was a little larger than she should have been for her height. When walking out the door the employer had asked asked the Receptionist on more than one occasion to please empty the bin by the desk as it was full and overflowing. On an occasion when he returned it still had not been done.

    He asked one of the other staff as he walked back to his office to ask the Receptionist girl to please empty the bin.
    The Receptionist took exception to this request of having to walk to the larger bin out the back more than once a day, and twisted the request by her Boss as an attack on her about her weight and exercise. It cost that employer $10k defending a harassment charge with costs.

    I could give many more examples of cases where employers have been taken to Court over dubious and questionable and ridiculous claims.


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