Is wages growth stunted by red tape?

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    I've got many friends who have either wound up their businesses, and returned to work employed by a larger corporation, or have retired, and in all those cases, they brought forward their move due to red tape. Some have gone from employing people, to just working by themselves, and using contractors when needed, which they find an easier proposition.

    The people I am referring to, employed from two to ten people, which are classified as very small operations.

    I'm not aware of the statistics, but I wonder whether these smaller businesses closing down, have been the reason wages growth has stalled.

    A few of those mates have been in the building profession, and the little guy in the building industry struggles to compete, as they haven't got the manpower to easily handle the regulation. Even Builder's insurance in NSW is a crock, as they need to use security to get the insurance......what sort of insurance is that?

    Anyways, just my POETS day musings.
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