Is Turnbull Lying About Abbott Allegiance?

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    Is Malcolm Turnbull lying about his true allegiances to Tony Abbott? Is that a good start for a potential leader with greying hair and looking tired before his time? Will he have the same stamina Tony has ?

    Political parties are good at using up the energy of hard working leaders when it suits them and then dumping them for a fresh faced seemingly more popular alternative because the polls are indicating current status.

    How will LNP benefit having a new leader if the policies remain the same as they are now of transferring the debt & deficit to the taxpayers at 3 times the cost to government?

    What makes back benchers believe their job is going to be any more secure than is now by time election comes around? What will a new leader be able to offer to induce voters & taxpayers to vote for LNP for another term?

    ALP will offer more welfare and lie about taxes and just borrow more
    LNP will offer more what?
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