is this your "plan b" frau merkel?

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    Sounds like a smart one to me.Each to their own-you need us we don't need you philosphy.
    As Sgt Schultz say-" I know nuzzinkt".
    Profits to all.BMD


    Almost three-quarters of Germans doubt the euro has a future
    Monday June 27,2011
    By Martyn Brown Have your say(18)
    ALMOST three-quarters of Germans doubt that the euro has a future, a poll reveals.

    They also believe rescue attempts are futile as billions more euros will be paid to bail out Greece.

    A poll by German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, found 71 per cent had ?doubt,? ?no trust? or thought there is ?no future? for the euro. Only 19 per cent expressed ?confidence? in it.

    Sixty eight per cent said they did not think the emergency bail out of Greece would work.

    A separate poll last week showed more than half of Germans thought that Greece should be thrown out of the euro.

    Rumours are also rife in Germany that Deutsche Mark bank notes are being printed again in preparation for ditching the euro.

    It is said Germany?s central bank, the Bundesbank, has been ordered to print marks as part of contingency plans to leave Europe?s single currency.

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