is this the beginning of the bull?

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    Looks like the US last night felt the blooming of a turn around. Preliminary numbers indicate manufacturing is up. If this trend continues, we could see tohe start of a bull market.
    The decision maker will be the Fed. If they decide not to cut rates, it will be because they believe the market is picking up (based on the most qualified data in the world). Their decision not to cut rates will be the catalyst for the start of an up swing, helped by the turnaround in funds invested in mutual funds last week (this had been in decline). If they decide to cut rates it will indicate that things aren't so rosy and it's time to start shorting the market again.

    I'm waiting in eager anticipation. I'm sure we all want an upswing as it's easier to make money in a bull market, and making money is why I'm here...

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