Is this outrageous?

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    Olivia Jaqueline claims she hasn't been adequately funded from her late father's estate...mining heir and Voyage Estate founder Michael Wright. The 19yrs old has been offered $3m in trust until 30 and must not become an alcoholic or join a non mainstream religion.

    Her original demands were a bit on the fairytale side.

    Ms Mead's claims in court include:

    - a home five times the Perth median price

    - $300 a week for utilities

    - $800 a week for food and alcohol

    - $150 a week for fine wine

    - $300 a week for clothing

    - $10,000 a year for handbags and other fashion accessories

    She is also seeking a diamond-encrusted bass guitar worth $250,000 and two pairs of Tiffany and Co sunglasses each year, ABC reported.

    She has tamed it down to $12m and decided she can live without the guitar.

    Personally...leaving aside her extravagant claims...I believe she is entitled to more than $3m with the preposterous conditions. Olivia is his disputes there. The estate was worth $2.7b at the time of his death and $750m now.

    I would be aiming for at least 1% of estate value at time of death...$27m

    $3m frob off and not even up front...pfffft
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