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    I dont know where you guys got to research companies but the internet is quite useful.
    You will find the following types of thing on it if you look.

    -the world market for this type of sign is aprroximately 13 billion $ US per annum.
    -LUM is basing its sales on those from barcelona in which lum receives revenue of 800 thou p/a.
    -3 signs in scnadanavia announced last week are said to be worth 800 thou in revenue each year for each sign.
    -the totius square sign is "rumoured"(the deal has yet to be finalised)to be worth 50 mill over 7 years for the 4 signs
    -Lum has increased number of signs people are interested in from 15 to 30 last month to 50 last week and says will be making more announcements regarding thses signs in the near future.
    -LUm also has 6.5 mill cash in the bank.
    -Baileus placed a spec buy on lum at 73 yesterday
    -I have worked out that each sign that is signed off will be worth apporximately 6c to LUMs share price...the details of this can be found if you do a search on previous lum posts

    This is just the tip of the some research
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